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About  AJ

Aniruddha J Sharma a.k.a AJ Sharma is a New York City based commercial and fine art photographer from Pondicherry, India. His work has been published in print and online media such as The New York Times as well as various fashion, architecture and travel magazines.

AJ worked as a travel, lifestyle and fashion photographer for over 6 years, shooting across the globe, before starting a Manhattan based photography company and studio in 2017.

He has also shown two solo fine art gallery exhibits - "Unwrapture" (a body of work that uses a dancer bound by seat belts to portray a narrative about urban angst and freedom) and "Labor Narratives"(a glimpse into the lives of migrant construction workers).

His multi-lingual and multi-cultural roots along with the myriad influences from his travel experiences have resulted in a versatile yet universal style. 


AJ lives in New York City and splits his time between commercial work, fine art, teaching and humanitarian projects. He is available for assignments both locally and internationally.​

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